The Willpower Institute would like to congratulate the Meditation Instructor students who successfully completed the 2013-2014 classroom portion of the course.  As well, for all those who attended the 2014 Spring Mediation Retreat In Doi Inthanon, Thailand, we are extremely proud of your accomplishments.

Our Master Teacher Phra Dhammongkolyarn, Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo personally lead the way for the contingent of Canadian, American, and Thai students who numbered more than 4500 people.  The Instructor candidates spent four days putting into practice the lessons and concepts learned during their 200 hours of classroom and practical exercises. The retreat, which is often referred to as the Journey of 8000 Steps, provides an extra-ordinary environment for meditators to build Mind Power and to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. The motto for our time in Doi Inthanon was, ‘To Overcome’, which was a statement that was repeated from time to time as the traverse of 15 mountains would put to test the participants determination. The experience of 4500 people in silent meditation was one not be missed, and quite frankly, is without comparison.

The Canadian and American Meditation group would like to thank our very gracious Thai hosts for their in-numerable efforts to make our stay one to remember.

Where will meditation take you?