_Meditation--Health-Benefits-of-Meditation-By Sobiya N. Moghul

Meditation is highest relaxed state of Body and Mind.  The moment we enter into meditation, every muscle, cell, and nervous system start relaxing. Hence, stress starts draining out gradually.

Relaxation and Freedom from stress brings strong circulation to every cell. Thus eliminating and releasing all the toxic depositions, unwanted foreign substances.  It brings fresh oxygen and nourishment to that part resulting in Regeneration and Health.

When meditation becomes regular habit unconsciously, we remain calm, peaceful, non-reactive, relaxed, well tolerated, self-controlled and more aware which results in more productive, creative, magnetic and focused personality.

In the relaxed state of Body and Mind, blood pressure naturally goes down to normal state, hormonal secretions becomes more active.  Hence, sugar also comes down to normal range.

All the functions of the body improve tremendously, increasing true hunger, digestion circulation, elimination, oxygenation etc, eventually leading to good health.

There are unlimited physical benefits of meditation one can experience all these benefits.  By immediately, deciding to sit and meditate at least for 15 minutes every day to begin with. Then it can be extended according to one’s personal time management. Meditation must become a habit to make relaxation a habit.


*Data Courtesy: Dr. N.K. Sharma, a veteran Naturopath and Founder of Reiki Healing Foundation (RHF), world’s largest organization in the field of Reiki Healing & Mystic Sciences.

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