The-Process-Known-As-Meditation-Years of life’s interpretation
the days at times a tribulation
here and there in desperation
and sometimes in anticipation
a wordly game, a fabrication
until a light of inspiration
invokes an inward destination
so timely is it’s presentation.

“Buddho” a word of recitation
while focusing on one location
for peace and tranquil restoration
mind power, within a liberation.

Some things we see, “hallucination!”
Many hour to build accumulation
until the mind has elevation
evolving into contemplation
and benefits from concentration.

Then Nana’s unified vibration
body to soul the transformation
the goal for building strong foundation
is righteousness manifestation.

True wisdom born within it’s station
to grow within and through the nation
for greed and fear elimination
for those who live this acclamation
the process known as meditation.

November 2000 | Jean Moncur